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Who we are ?

We are a bunch of enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our roots are invariably from Product companies and thus we breathe and think only products. One such venture is FiPPON. When we found the need in many companies to accelerate performance and thrive in this highly competitive economic battlefield, a tool was necessary to lift the companies a notch higher and thus FiPPON was born.

FiPPON is a performance enhance tool that delivers on two fronts. On one of the fronts, it bridges the gap between the traditional CRMs and the last mile workforce, who unfortunately stayed out of the ambit. On the other front, it helps management take strategic and tactical decisions through our Real Time, Big Picture and Comparator dashboards.

FiPPON journey began in August 2013 and has been successful among SMEs so far. Ups and downs are a part of the journey but what keeps us going is new features, new value adds , the impact it makes on our customer's business and those smiles. Phew... just another day at our office.

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Karnataka Security Services Association
April 28 2015
Karnataka Security services association celebrated 3rdPrivate security services day by inviting private security agencies
We Promoted FIPPON by being one of the sponsors of the event and introduced "FIPPON Security" to the security industry and got contacts of various security agencies.
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I would like to get the Right Sales Team Mix
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I would like to Identify Customer Trends
I would like to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell
I would like to Compare Performance
I would like to get Real Time Sales Snapshot
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